Swap Shows

Have multiple games or shows? No problem, you can swap between what characters show on your widget easily by using our unique hashtag settings from the configuration menu or manually at any time.

Customize Your Sheet

Toggle what you want shown on your character sheet through the configuration options of the extension. Upload player avatars, add character bios, designate player levels, hobbies, favorite drinks, etc, anything your imagination can come up with.

Stylize the Widget

Your games and characters are unique and the tools you use should represent them. With a premium or platinum subscription you can customize the widget for every game you create. Keep your viewers engaged with the content, without worrying about invasive tools.

Follow Me

Characters are brought to life by wonderful roleplayers. Let your audience know who they are & where to follow them, without distracting chat commands. If you have other people that you want to represent as characters, you can use their twitch name to toggle the "Follow" button in the settings. Then the audience can just click & be done with no links, no redirects, or fuss.

Save Drafts

You can hide a game at any time until you're ready to publish it. This way you only reveal the information you want to the audience while you continue to work on details in the background. Have an inactive character, but want to keep the information for later? Just toggle it off and bring it back later. 

Adjust Characters

You're never locked into any content. Change out character info at any time. Have a guest player or character? Add them through configuration, save and they are instantly included in the widget. Remove just as easily.

Already an extension user?

You can access your account settings at anytime, in full-screen mode. From here you can manage your subscription, games, characters and complete extension customization. 

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